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MF/UF Abstract

MF/UF Low Pressure Membrane Filtration" by Scott Freeman (Black & Veatch)Over the past 15 years, microfiltration and ultrafiltration (MF/UF) membranes have evolved from being a relatively new water treatment process to being a frequently applied alternative to granular media filters. This presentation considers the performance, advantages and limitations of MF/UF membrane. This information will assist utilities, planners, regulators, and engineers in their decisions regarding whether to use membranes for their projects, and if membranes are applied, how to select the appropriate type of membranes and associated pretreatment and/or post-treatment processes. Terms, abbreviations, and basic application examples are presented early-on so the discussion will be suitable for people relatively new to the topic. More detailed information will also be presented to hold the interest of individuals with more membrane experience. This information includes a summary of currently manufactured membrane products, including comparing the performance of the less-used ceramic membranes to polymeric, and discussion of developments in the field that hold promise for ceramic membranes to become cost-competitive with polymeric hollow fibers. Piloting approaches and timing - before or after the bid - are also discussed to assist in the selection of the method that best fits each project. Lessons learned and confirmed on dozens of membrane projects are summarized at the conclusion of the presentation.
"Start-Up and Operational Issues - MF/UF Membrane Systems" by Gary Witcher (California Water Service)
Gary oversees California Water Service Company's operations of two MF/UF surface water treatment plants and is involved in the piloting and design of a planned new facility. In describing the start-up and operations at these facilities, Gary's presentation illustrates successful "real world" operating practices. The presentation describes each of the facilities, which have been running since 2003 and 2007, respectively.N E Bakersfield is a 20 mgd plant that applies pre-oxidation, for control of Manganese, coagulant addition, and plate settlers as pretreatment for MF/UF membrane filtration. N W Bakersfield is an 8 mgd in-line coagulation plant (w pre-oxidation) that directly filters with MF/UF without a sedimentation step. Discussion includesthe following topics: start-up issues, process upsets, fouling, telemetry/controls, integrity testing, chemical cleaning, backwash recovery, solids loading, the rate of fiber breakage and housing damage, staffing levels, and lessons learned.