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Alan Roberson

Mr. Roberson is currently Director of Security and Regulatory Affairs at the American Water Works Association’s Washington, D.C., office and has been working in that office for 19 years. He is responsible for implementing AWWA’s overall regulatory program with all federal agencies such as EPA, DHS, CDC, USGS, USDA, etc. He negotiates with EPA staff on development of national drinking water regulations, including the overall implementation of the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Amendments, and with DHS on water security issues. He coordinates volunteer involvement in EPA’s stakeholder process and manages AWWA Technical Advisory Workgroups.

Mr. Roberson has 12 years consulting engineering experience with design and project management for site development and water treatment projects. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering in 1979 and completed a master’s degree in Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech in 1995. He is a Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.