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Dr. George Budd

Dr. Budd is a Senior Process Engineer with Black & Veatch and has 35 years of experience in planning, design and implementation of water and wastewater technologies. He has a background in analysis and design of conventional water treatment systems and for new technologies that are applicable for forthcoming regulations and improved process economy.

Recent projects include evaluations involving optimization and best use of existing facilities for compliance with existing and proposed treatment goals, state-of-the-art treatment processes, organic contaminants, disinfection, disinfection byproducts, source quality and management, management of residuals, water quality in distribution systems and corrosion control. Projects have involved a range of bench, pilot and full-scale testing as appropriate for project needs. He is also a co-author of a book that deals with issues related to control of microbial quality and disinfection byproducts, Disinfection Alternatives for Safe Drinking Water, that was prepared as a 4-year effort that included review and input by an international group of experts.