Residuals Management Abstract

Bill Knocke, PhD

The presentation by Dr. Knocke will cover a variety of key topics dealing with the residuals generated by water treatment plants.  Following an initial review of relevant regulatory issues the presentation will focus on residuals characterization, including both their quantities and dewatering properties.  Emphasis will be placed on demonstrating how decisions about the treatment process may affect the dewatering properties of the resulting residuals.  Options for ultimate disposal of water plant residuals will then be considered, with heavy emphasis on land application.  Throughout the presentation, the results of Water Research Foundation studies will be incorporated to include relevant data and information from water utilities.

Patricia Scanlan will be presenting information on the technologies used for treatment of water plant residuals, including thickening, dewatering, reclamation of backwash water, and conveyance.  The presentation will focus on capacity requirements, performance, and the cost of each of these technologies.  The presentation will also include case studies from several water treatment installations, discussing the processes used, reasons for process selection, and any lessons learned during implementation and operation.